Friday, June 18, 2010

Survival Kits

We have been so blessed to get many donations for the 'survival kits' we're putting together for Kyle and his team.  Thank you so much for everyone's generosity and support!  Sergeant Hawes beautiful kids are seen here helping to get the packages ready to ship off!  Here's what we have so far!
Natural insect after bite relief from Teddy Started It
Natural insect repellant spray from D Medicine Woman
Organic Tea Tree Salve and lip balm from Planet Earth Oils
Magnetic Therapy bracelets from Beads N Style
Deodorant from Certain Dri
Chapstick from Soft Lips
Eye Drops from Rohto
Lotion from Anti Monkey Butt
Flashlights from Princeton Tec
Super cute handmade beanies from Mrs. Woo Woo and Karin SF


Stephanie said...

Great idea! Go you for doing all of that. =) p.s. I love your header kids make me giggle. Typical little ones. <3

mimilovesall8 said...

Darling kids !
I am your newest follower! thanks for following me and entering my giveaway. thanks,