Sunday, August 22, 2010

Luly Boo Park 'n' Play Mat Review

I won this awesome Park 'n' Play Mat with a matching travel bag to carry it in.  I love the fabric that's used, it's waterproof, super lightweight, and most importantly for me, machine washable!  I was pleasantly surprised when I received the package because the pictures I had seen on my computer hadn't done it justice.  Living in Hawaii we have a huge variety of different terrains all in close proximity.  We've used this in the grass at the park, sand on the beach, dirt at football games, and even for picnics in the house.  It's really easy to wipe clean which is such a huge plus with three small boys!  I have to admit, I'm not the best at packing things, and as is with most 'travel' and compact items it's a little tricky to get them back into their cases.  I have the peapod, which I love, and have had for four years, and still have trouble getting it back into the case.  That being said it's been a little difficult for me to get the mat back into the travel case as nicely as it arrived, maybe I just need more practice or my hands are too tiny.  At only $34.99 I would highly recommend this to my other mom friends as it's compact and mold able so very easy to keep in your trunk, simple to clean, and not to mention super cute! 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Boston Childrens Museum

Has to be one of my favorite museums both when I was a child and now, as a parent!  In fact it might be a little more fun now... 
We were lucky enough to go during the last month, August, that the museum will be offering free admission to military family members, the tickets are $12 for ages 1+.  I must say that I'm disappointed at the loss of support, places don't usually stop offering free/discounted admission for military dependants, it's usually a permanent addition to their admission. 
That aside we had a blast, particularly at the 'Big Dig' inspired construction zone.  Seriously, what little boy doesn't love construction equipment, and the opportunity to 'operate' it themselves! 

They also loved the being able to create bubbles using different materials.