Thursday, May 27, 2010


I just remembered today that I have a blog, and lately I've been reminded at how much fun they can be!  So I'm recommitting myself to regularly update it!

As for us, Kyle is preparing for his fourth deployment.  We love our country, our military, and our army but no matter how much we love them deployments don't get any easier.  Konnor is only six months old so I think that he'll cope better than Kaleb and Kolby.  We've been trying to prepare the kids as best we can by talking to them and giving them lots of reminders of their hero.  We were blessed to get a donation from Army Community Service and Hugs To Go, they're these super cute stuffed soldiers with a picture frame face.  So today that was our project, choosing, printing, laminating (I KNOW my boys will be taking the pictures out to play with), and placing their favorite picture of daddy.

Lucky for us we have a very supportive family, they all chipped in to fly us home to Boston for the summer to be with them.  We're really looking forward to being able to spend a couple months with the love and support of family.

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