Friday, May 12, 2017

How to stuff a boys easter basket, sugar free, with fun and useful gifts for under $25!

As I continue to watch documentaries, read studies, and observe my childrens’ behavior after consuming sugar I become more and more determined to deter from involving candy in celebrations.  This is certainly at the forefront of my mind as Easter approached.  How do I help my children to enjoy our Easter egg hunt, without candy?!

I quickly decided that I would get books and summer gear for their baskets.  So they all got umbrellas and hiking boots.  I watched for 50% off book sales on amazon and was able to stock up on Dr Seuss, Magic Treehouse, and biographies for my little ones baskets.  It’s totally worth it to make a wish list of your kids favorite series and check the list a couple times a week to see if prices have decreased.  I think it’s very important to set a limit.  That can be overall, per item, or per child.  It’s so easy to get lost in good deals and continue to stock way too much, or supersede the budget you had planned. 

The Easter egg hunt was a whole different ball game.  I knew that each item had to meet four criteria;
1.     Fun
2.     Sugar-free
3.     Compact
4.     Inexpensive

That is certainly not an easy task with four boys!  I saw tons of recommendations for nail polish, hair ties, and stickers, but that obviously doesn’t apply to my four sons ages 5-10.  I did a little bit of hunting, price comparisons, and made my purchase for six fabulous egg stuffers!
1.     Water Beads (These were so awesome!  The grow huge and feel so therapeutic, they were a huge hit!)
2.     Grow Capsules
3.     Sticky Hands
4.     Bouncy Balls
5.     Finger Lights
6.     Change (just had to swap out a few dollar bills to get some coin rolls)

They had an absolute blast!  My 5 year old was quick to put Uncle Jimmy to work saying, “you carry this and follow me”, then the mad dash was on!  It was my 2 year old nieces first Easter Egg hunt and she was so excited each time she found a treasure!

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