Friday, May 9, 2008

Money Saving Tips For Military Families

I just wanted to pass along this information and some resources that I found useful to other military families!

1. Free DVDs for military children to help cope with and better understand deployments. Go to the dvd's are titled Mr. Poe and Friends Discuss Reunion After Deployment and Sesame Streets Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployment, Homecomings, Changes.

2. Free amusement park admission if these parks are in your area it's worth it!

3. 250 Free Business Cards-- They offer you tons of things to add but if you just keep clicking no to the extras you'll get 250 cards for free!

4. Space available military flights. I took one from Germany to Boston for $17 a couple of years ago. There used to be tons of restrictions but now while our boys are deployed we can pretty much fly anywhere! Let's take advantage.
5. Then here are a bunch of sites that I found to get people to send our deployed members packages. One guy I signed up got a $400 Suunto watch from someone! Plus no one's going to complain about any extra mail they get!

6. The United States Postal Service is finally offering us a more cost efficient way to send out soldiers mail! It's a flat rate box just for APO/FPO address's. They'll send a free case of boxes right to your house! -- you can also do you customs forms and print a shipping label from and the best part, schedule your post man to come pick it up right from your house, you can just leave it outside your front door. Yay for convenience!

7. While your spouse is deployed suggest to your church that they adopt your husband's squad, platoon, or even company. That way you can ask for donations and both your contributions and theirs are tax deductible, as long as your church is a non profit organization. Stores are more inclined to make donations when they know it's non profit, some will ask for an official letter from your church requesting the donation for the stores records.

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